Innomasters business club holds Future Leaders Forum

Hong Kong is now entering a new era. Technology is leading our development, but it has also changed the lives of generations. On the one hand, the market stakeholders of Fu Tong feel the lack of Fu Cheng, and the younger generation also tells us that it is difficult to have the opportunity to pursue […]

Planning for oneself and family

The lecture “Planning for oneself and family” was co-organized by senior lawyer Gilbert Mo and Sowers Action, Mr Mo shared how people should plan for the second half of life as they get older, such as how to distribute property to heirs and how to make a legally valid will. Hope to bring some answers […]

Pause & Breathe【Coffee Zen】

停一停 心呼吸 【咖啡禪】

On February 4, coffee expert Felix, special MC Annie, guest Master Chang Lin, and a group of coffee lovers gathered at Finest Design Nest. Learn about the process of coffee tree blossoming and fruiting, from roasting to brewing, and integrate coffee and meditation. This Coffee Zen activity is not only about tasting coffee, but also […]

“Free hot desk membership” program Questions & Answers


Q1: Why does FDN provide a free hot desk area for young design students and designers? A1: The foundation of FDN was to support the design industry. We have always believed that when designers are creating, there is a special connection between them and place. We know that young design students and designers need an […]

The 2nd iMBA Future Leaders Forum

The second iMBA Future Leaders Forum invited Jonathan Ma, Johanna Chan, and Aggie Chan to share their unique insights and stories on the three major themes of entrepreneurship, dreams, and life ups and downs. Want to know more wonderful stories of future leaders? Say tuned to the latest information on InnoMasters Business Association (iMBA).

Social Innovation Co-Working Space Subsidy Scheme


You may have a maximum rental subsidy of HK$6,000! Finest Design Nest is in the list of registered co-working spaces under “Social Innovation Co-Working Space Subsidy Scheme” ! Eligibility for Subsidy Application: – Applicants must be a grantee of the SIE Fund seeking to start, continue or expand their social business For more details, please […]

【Mentor-mentee training workshop】


【Mentor-mentee training workshop】 Thanks to [Rotary Club of Eminence Hong Kong] and [Hong Kong Children & Youth Services] for co-organizing the first [Strive and Rise Programme]- Mentor-mentee training workshop at Finest Design Nest. The theme of the event is to get to know ethnic minority mentees, and learn how to establish effective communication and get […]

【Design !n Action 2022 – Meet The Designers & Masters】

【設計好改變2022 - 走訪城中設計達人】

Mr. Eddie Cheung, the founder and designer of Finest Design Nest, shared his co-working space design and creative journey with College and University design students. During the “BODW City Programme – Design !n Action” ” visit, Mr. Eddie Cheung guided 20 design students from different colleges and universities around Finest Design Nest, sharing how to bring […]

iMBA x Tom Chan 分享會

iMBA x Tom Chan 分享會

昨晚,近40位資深CEO與《我們的青春日誌》音樂劇導演陳恩碩Tom Chan進行了深情對話,探討創業心路歷程和感嘆昔日與現在的奮鬥時刻,透過音樂劇看到年輕人的一股熱情和拼勁,相信香港的未來和下一代都充滿希望。 支持本地音樂劇: 嘉賓資訊- Tom Chan: 場地租借查詢: 電郵: [email protected] 電話:2741 1113 WhatsApp: 9544 5200