” Wang Dao Xue ” Sharing Conference

王道學 - 亂世 ● 出路

There is disturbance happened in Hong Kong recently, anxiety around people. How to solve the problem? The purpose of this event is to help us removes the mental turbidity and makes your mind clear, find the way out.


Dr. Yuan Shang Hua  

Doctor of Philosophy, engaged in life education and cultural education for 30 years, has presided more than 2,000 lectures, courses, trainings, etc., helping lots of people and families to achieve life growth, enhance wisdom, break through difficulties, and open enlightenment.


Wang Dao Xue ” Sharing Conference

“Wang Dao Xue” was found by a group of business circle who learning Chinese culture in Professor Fok’s lecture. This sharing session is trying to exchange, learn and practice the knowledge and culture through case exchange and discussion.