Iran – Unveiling Iranian Architecture

伊朗 - 揭開伊朗建築的神秘面紗

Sharing of fun and breathtaking pictures to unveil the beauty and culture behind the mysterious mask of Iran.

Sharing Speakers:

Prof. Eric Yim JP

Prof. Eric C. Yim, Chairman of Hong Kong Design Centre, is a successful Cambridge-trained architect, bespoke furniture designer, award-winning industrialist and professor in three universities. Prof. Yim is a major contributor to the art and design industry in Hong Kong. He is internationally recognized and revered in his field as a renowned advocate for design education, and stern campaigner for the design industry.

Ar. Corrin Chan

Corrin Chan is founder of AOS. architecture, Vice-President of HK Institute of Architects, Chair of HK Architecture Centre (2015-19). Corrin graduated from Columbia U and HKU. She has assisted the curation of architecture-related study trips, exhibitions, book publications, radio program and writings for newspapers. She believes that being able to discover, to create and collaborate is the greatest joy of man.


Ar. Humphrey Wong

Humphrey is the co-founder of Meta4 Design Forum, a Hong Kong architectural practice specializing in conservation, cultural & institutional architecture. Apart from being a professional architect, his zeal in promoting appreciation of architecture around the world & sharing his traveling experience has led him to be one of the Archi-trip planners of Hong Kong Architecture Centre.


Ar. KC King

As registered Architect, KC King has been serving in public sector for more than 20 years, covering wide range of different project types, including heritage & adaptive reuse, open space and interior design.