EAST TOUCH – Embroidery x Hello Kitty

The spirit of hand-made person is strong and brave, with a pair of skillful hands and thoughts, inherits Craftsmanship to produce unique works by using modern techniques/materials. In this process, every intentional decisions and the sense of missions are shines in different auras.


Just like the creative hand-maker Hayley Charlotte, not only cooperated with sewing machines brand and set up a studio, but also hold a material exhibition – “Collage.Again” with Hong Kong PolyU Material Resource Centre and the upcycling Japanese brand PoRiff – converting abandoned Japanese PE plastic bags into new materials. Through designers, co-brands, students and graduates from Hong Kong PolyU Design and Textile Design by using the art of collage to transform products into a better image to show more possibilities and take Upcycling to the extreme. Such as Freitag rucksack, STRIDA bicycle asscessories, LifeProof phone case, etc. Watch the video here.


Interviewed by EAST TOUCH

Venue by Finest Design Nest