Open-plan workspace in Lai Chi Kok


Finest Design Nest is an open-plan workspace located in Lai Chi Kok, offering open party space, outdoor bar tables, ground-to-ground rooms, library, privacy area, separate telephone booth, relaxation lounge area, shared desk, multi-purpose seating and stage, close to Lai Chi Kok MTR Station, convenient transportation, ideal for many people.   Co-Working Space Hot desk Common Area The […]

Individual Co-working rooms in Lai Chi Kok


Finest Design Nest provides three-person and four-person rooms for rent. It is one of the few shared working spaces specially for designers or interior design companies in Lai Chi Kok that provides independent rooms. It is located near the Lai Chi Kok MTR Station and has convenient transportation. In addition, the venue also provides facilities […]

Modern European style Co-working Space

“Modern European style” mainly uses simplified techniques, modern materials, and processing techniques to pursue the general outline characteristics of traditional styles.

Meeting Room


In the offices of some start-up companies, the number of meeting rooms is relatively small, which is unsuitable for holding multi-person meetings.

Finest Design Nest


In recent years, there have been more and more co-working spaces in Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui/Mong Kok/Lai Chi Kok), each with different scale, facilities, interior design and price. Finest Design Nest is one of the co-working spaces located in Lai Chi Kok. Workspace.