Posted on 26th January 2019

Finest Party

It is our honour to cooperate with Ron Leung which is a product designer and Chairman of Hong Kong Design Association until 2018. Also thanks for the three speakers to share their design story, so inspiring!!
Enoch Hui, an award-winning architect and interior designer shared the story behinds of his works.

Cynthia Luk is a tattoo artist; she also is a fashion graphic designer and illustrator. She shared the story of falling in love with wall painting because of the wrong master she followed and her work experience.

Victor Wong – Visual Effects Director. His work stretches across paintings, sculptures, tech-art, animation, film and recently artificial intelligence. Most of his work aim to blend new technology with Chinese philosophy about nature. He has designed and developed visual effects treatment for over 100 feature films in Hong Kong, China, Japan and Hollywood. He successfully converts flat ink into three-dimensional ink.